All aboard the accountability wagon!!!! - Wednesday 15th June.

Oh my what a whirlwind of things going on in my life - much of which is good and positive.

Work continues to fulfil me, I am in the final 6 weeks of the apprenticeship I started, it has been tough going on the finances but so worth the sacrifice. I found out 2 weeks ago that I am being taken on full time as a qualified HCA, within the clinical support team of a local hospital, I will be learning a lot more over the next few weeks to fulfil this role. 

Talking of learning, for future career development I am thinking of taking Maths and English GCSE's, gulp. I am from O levels and CSE's so it has been a while, had a maths assessment last night so watch this space. Well when I say assessment,  it was "lets sit this non calculator exam and see how you do to see if you can go on the course". EEEKK! Other learning is taking place but that story will be told another day.

Nothing creative is taking place as I really cannot fit anything in at the moment, no dressmaking, knitting or papercraft. 

I realised with the contentment of work life, and the abundance of cake and chocolates supplied by co-workers and patients relatives that my weight and fitness had once again spiralled out of control. I had tried back in January to re-join Weight Watchers and follow the new Smart Points system but in all honesty I no longer liked the program or the support offered by the replacement leader.

So I was left struggling and pretty much gave up. Then a work colleague talked me into trying Slimming World and I must admit I was sceptical  but I gave it a go, Shocked at first to realise I had to lose 2 1/2 stone to get me back to goal (at least its not the full 6 stone I originally lost). Well It took me a couple of months of really not trying after joining to get my head in the right place to buckle down and do it. I love it now easy to follow and quite easy to follow when going out. 

I am pleased to report that this week I got .......

yep my half stone award - YIPPPEEEE    I AAAAY.

Actually 8 1/2 pounds gone.

I am back following C25k week 6 nearly done and I am back swimming and have rejoined a gym, treated myself to joining a posh one up the road, Classes are all in the membership and heated pools, steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi, 

I am a happy happy me xxx