Wednesday 13th January 2016

Well good morning blog.

I am feeling quite positive today, Have had an interesting lecture/ course in work this week on Behaviour that challenges services, all about the effects of Dementia and the behaviour it brings about.

I really found it interesting and learnt quite a bit not only about myself but others too.

Today we return to college for our first assignment after the winter break, as last week was a catch up session. I am okay doing the college stuff but admit I would rather go in get the assignment and do it at home, I struggle with concentration when I have to work in a room full of chattering. I like to go in get it done and get home.

Today I am also feeling better as I have decided to get back to WW and the new SP's system. I am not good with too much sugar in my system makes me sluggish and tired,

 Just need to remember not to get too caught up in the exercise that it takes over my life.

Day one was yesterday, and It was quite easy to follow. Hopefully look into it more tonight.

I am enjoying Wintercamp Knitting over on ravelry, Getting some gift knitting done for next Christmas LOL!! will post pics later.

That's it for now. Apart from hoping things get better for two special friends soon. Keep fighting girls xxx