Hello blog, today I am trying to set myself up for a positive January, with everything going on re hubby that is not as easy at it would appear.

So today I have tracked every thing I am eating, I am going to try and lose the little bit of weight I have put back on without re-joining WW. ( I get a little bit miffed to be honest that every couple of years they tweak the plan and with every tweak they make sure all the old apps, scales and tools need to be replaced which costs its members financially. I know they are a business but really, they need a serious talking too, about looking after their customers a bit better. I also feel gold members are ignored as they are no longer Cash cows - excuse the terminology).

I even managed week 3 run 1 of C25K and hence the oomph title. Flippin heck I did not enjoy it, I felt heavy and lumpy, a far cry from 2 years ago when I loved the lightness I enjoyed whilst running.

I have also defuzzed the slight forest that had appeared on my legs through the winter months - self neglect breeds in all areas - when I cannot be assed.

I even tinted and plucked my eyebrows myself - First time ever for me. I work with a few younger girls and they were talking about going to salons and having beauty done. I am just not that kind of person but, 5 years off of a big birthday maybe I need a little bit of help now!

I am now going to relax and maybe do a bit of knitting. So bye for now x