Got a little bit crafty

Well hi blogger, this week has been a good work week, but not great on the weight watchy things, just totally caved Wednesday due to stress with things beyond my control. I will learn to sort this bad habit out one day, but I did get right back on it today.

I am quite amazed I seem to have managed some paper craft of a sort this week. I love office supplies lol! I am always buying notebooks for this and that, and found I wanted to try planners, but I wanted to record, ww smart points, activity, meal plans, bill paying, birthdays and so much more. As you can imagine finding a planner to do this would be a nightmare. So I got to thinking of making something and was browsing you tube like you do and I saw the " me and my big ideas - happy planner system", I liked it but not the styles and colours, then a trip to staples, I discovered the punch and plastic discs to be able to make my own. If you are interested it is called the arc system, they do do inserts as well but I wanted my creative spin on it.

Any who I took some pics, hope you like, I have to say, it's no where near finished, as I have so much more I want to put in it.