Wednesday 16th September

 Just a quick post today, the little image above shows how I felt last night, I went back outside running for the first time since APRIL???

I have been following C25K  and got to wk4 r1 on Monday, so of course in my head that gave me the guts I needed to join a few running club buddies last night to see if I could get back to a full run quicker.  When I contacted them they said 4 miles, Scared the crap out of me. But I went and when I got there a couple decided they were aching and not running and went to the pub for a drink we agreed to meet them back there after a quick run. Long story short, I managed a 2.66 mile run in 32 minutes but it had inclines!!! My Treadmill does not give me inclines LOL!! I was quite pleased with this and it has given me the push I needed to maybe go back to club tomorrow night.

Most of all I enjoyed running with a couple of old friends and realised How much I missed them and running outside xx