Tuesday 15th

Yay! I knew it that pesky pound from yesterday is gone and it took another 1/4lb with it, so this week sees my loss as .........

 Ha ha, I played nice with a scrap book programme I have, and made myself a little chalk board, stored on my computer xx

Yesterday was a good day, we did not venture out as Dale had a few twinges, but I got a week 4 run 1 from the C25K in and completed it.

Breakfast was usual, lunch was a yummy 2 egg omelette, with mushroom,onion,cherry toms and Feta (5pp) followed by 2 plums and handful of grapes. Evening meal cod and potatoes with veg 13pp and a milky way snack was enjoyed. Well over 3 litres of fluid was taken on board. 25/26pp.

I also took Oscar out for a walk twice yesterday, the first one we even got in a sneaky geocache (the one Mum could not find), Ha ha we found it!!!
14,982 steps clocked up in total xxx

Happy Days xx