Sunday 13th September

Up nice and early today as I am going out in a bit for a walk, will tell you all about it in tomorrows blog as I find it easier to write the blog post as an after thought of the day before.

So Yesterdays Saturday blog was muses about friday. Its a round up so to speak.

Any hoo!!

How did I keep myself busy yesterday?

Well I got up had my staple breakfast, yep good ole porridge oats, skimmed milk and a banana.

I then knew I had to get my C25K run in, I am doing it on the treadmill at home. Yesterday was supposed to be Week 3 Run3, but I was like "ooh I am ready for week 4 I think", so off I go, yeah right, by the halfway point of the last 5 minute run I was done. I know I am trying to run quite fast, well for me, quite fast. So I could have slowed down, but I did not let it get me down as I was doing it a run early and Monday that run will be done completely.

A quick shower and a change and we went to visit my mum for a quick chat, and told her that I was talking to my eldest daughter Joanne, Friday on Facebook about how she went geocaching for the first time.  I have added their video to show you a bit about it.

Mums Husband was very interested and I said I was too. We left shortly after to go to the supermarket ( hubbys daily exercise at the moment), went home and had a spot of lunch, which incidentally  was a wholemeal sandwich of lettuce, cucumber, grated carrot and wafer thin chicken, followed by plain french fries crisp, and a handful of grapes.

Dale went for a walk in the field with the dog and his eldest son, and then we decided to go out to have a go at geocaching. The beauty of which is if you have a phone with gps you can do it, and they are everywhere, there is a free app that highlights them wherever you are.

Well one was no more than 700 m from our house,(now with dales mobility we took it very slow, as to get him out to exercise his heart without hurting his back is a juggling act). We ended up in a little wooded park, that I remembered from childhood, and spent a good ten minutes looking, (Gps all well and good but only accurate within 30 feet). Whoop whoop after a while and nearly giving up, we did find it!!! Yay!  It added a little bit of fun to our otherwise boring around the local streets walk.

Suffice to say I could get into it, Funny thing was on the way home I text mum to say we had found our first one, to which she replied - ooh we are out looking for one to, not much further away from where we were. We were good though and went home thinking we will save that one for next time. I spoke to mum later and asked how they had got on, hee hee they could not find it, so a little family challenge is on!!!

I really would recommend it, good for all ages.

After that it was just  case of having our evening meal which consisted Dale having Chicken Curry, and myself having the Risotto from eat well for less, It was absolutely scrummy, I had the rest of the day before's stir fry veg with it to bulk it out a little but very happy with it, and I have 3 portions in the freezer for another time.

Another quick walk with oscar, and that was our day done.

I just want to add a little rant, we pay our BBC TV license fee, we have basic sky and yet still, Saturday night TV on all the channels are such drivel!!!!! Just a load of crappy repeats, reality tv. makes me so angry.

So quick round up.
Diet 26/26 points consumed
Exercise well over 11,000 steps done yesterday

so feeling very happy.