Saturday 12th September

Good morning, well what a contrast in weather yesterday, started dull and overcast, went into glorious sunshine and then heavy rain last night.

It was very much a not doing anything type of day in the end yesterday.

We got up, had breakfast which for me was my normal staple of Porridge oats, with skimmed milk, followed by a medium banana. Then we went to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for the risotto I mentioned in yesterdays post. I have decided to have that for my evening meal this evening with either a side salad or stir fry vegetables.

Home then to do washing and chores.

Lunch was Yummy!!!

I had A 2 egg omelette filled with 19 grams of feta cheese and 3 cherry tomatoes, decorated with a side salad of lettuce, cucumber, 2 radish and grated carrot. Followed by a plum, a kiwi fruit and a handful of grapes.

We took Oscar down the field behind the house to throw a ball around, not much walking for us but he runs around like a loon. (hubby manages this walk, when I am not around). I admit I prefer to go for an actual long walk but wanted to be with hubby yesterday, as not sure he was feeling to good.

Home to a very boring afternoon of watching tv, not even my knitting is keeping my interest at the moment. I have been home a month with Dale since his heart attack and I must admit, I need to get back to work for my sanity. Still weighing work and home life is pulling on my heart strings. How ever, I have 9 days before my New challenge of the apprenticeship with PCHealthcare starts, 12 months of learning will commence.

Our evening meal  was Jacket potatoes, with lightly dusted lemon and black pepper lemon sole and stir fry veg for me, baked beans were the side for hubby.

Another visit to the field with Oscar, but the skies decided to empty themselves of rain, so we went back in. I could see Dale was getting more and more restless as the time to get ready to go out was getting closer, after a little heart to heart, we agreed it was not the best night to go out, we need to work on his confidence to get him out and about without fear of another heart attack happening.

My snack  was a milky way bar.

So that was that another day, finished bang on track 26/26 weight watchers points. But Delicious food consumed.

Exercise sadly lacking today, I know I did not get enough steps in.