Monday 14th September 2015

Well its Monday again, but today I feel a little MEH! If I am honest. Its a dull overcast day and I stood on the scales and was not disappointed but not ecstatic either. I weigh every morning, I know your not meant too, I know its not good for you. My official weigh in for me is a Tuesday Morning, I weigh in at home the same day as my meetings at WW used to be. I KNOW THE RULES!! OKAY, I just don't stick to them.
Why a Tuesday, don't laugh I am good all week with all my meals but Sundays are roast days  which we eat around 6.30pm and despite my best efforts I always eat a few more points on this day because of it - it's okay I have weeklies, so all good, But and its a little picky pernickity but of mine. It always shows on the scales the following morning as a 1lb gain. They weigh heavy in my stomach. Hence not weighing on a Monday, true to form its done it again today.OOOH! I know it will be gone tomorrow but when you are hovering between 10's and 11's and it tips you 1/2lb back into the 11's ARGGGGHHHH!!! LOL! I just want to be safely back in the 10's heading towards 9's.

So enough of that, what did I get upto yesterday.

It was an early start with normal 4pp breakfast.

Then I went out onto the glorious world of Dartmoor, which is no more than 20 minutes away in the car from where I live. I went with Oscar my Border Collie, My Mum, her hubby and their Springer Spaniel Ollie.  We went in theory for a walk (their normal walk, my first time with them) it sounded very fit and healthy for us, but to be honest mum has a bad back and so we walked slower than a 5yr old and only about 1/2 a mile where they have found a garden centre?? that has a cafe, they sit and have coffee and cream, mum has a toasted tea cake, I have a black coffee. we then walk back the 1/2 mile to the car.

Oscar enjoying the moor!!

I did manage to get them to try and find a geocache that was supposed to be near the carpark but to no avail - it's funny when after someone has been your mum for 45yrs and you suddenly realise how impatient she has become LOL!  All because she could not find it. So we headed home.

Apart from meals then, that was my sunday, relaxing in front of the TV.