Friday 11th September

Well another week is nearly over
 I cannot even write this post without firstly sending A remembrance hug and heartfelt thoughts to all those who lost loved ones in  9/11. Words are just not enough.

I sometimes feel after remembering such atrocities, that to then carry on typing about such trivial things as my weight loss and my fitness levels seems a tad  self absorbed, but life for those left, does have to go on and we do have to carry on, carry on with making the most of the time we have.

 It is really just me writing about:
A) my fight to stay around as long as possible so as to be there for my loved ones.
B) my fight to have focus, to keep the routine I need in my life to make me feel safe.
C) my fight to fit in, fit in socially, fit in clothes I like LOL! and most importantly fit in my headspace, where if left to fester too long sat down the world slides down to a not very happy place.

So Despite the musings above, this week

has been a fairly good week

Diet wise a very big  ü all pointed and within target.
Exercise is on track for 3 runs of C25K this week so another big ü

We have also attended Hospital twice and had a heart foundation nurse around and all is being managed well for now. 

Positive heads are on and hopefully we will be going out socially tonight together, for the first time in a very long time. Well since June. 

so happy face post today xxx

Oh and I need to try this out, I watched "Eat well for less" on the BBC last night and they did a microwave risotto recipe.  So popping it here to try out next week xx