Monday 24th August

Good morning

Don't you just love the fact that after a weekend, you always get the chance to start a fresh.

New Week
New Goals
New Starts
New Challenges.
New Incentive
New determination.

New Knitting projects to cast on (Oh that's just me?!!)

That's how I feel this morning.
We had a very lazy weekend, sat around not doing much at all. In fact I spent most of yesterday grumbling I did not feel comfortable, just Meh! Then it kinda dawned on me It was cause I was comfort eating, eating a little too much and not moving enough.

We can only go out on short walks (understandable with Dale), and the weather has not helped. 

But Enough, I have to get motivated again. 

So bring it on Monday.

Get back to pointing, moving and feeling good. 

Oh and its Dales 48th birthday this week,
 Our 19th Wedding Anniversary is coming up too at the end of the month. 19 years!!!
 How has he not killed me already? 

Have a good day