August 2nd 2015 - Easy like a sunday morning!!

Well we are on day two of my awesome august and I really feel very positive about it so far - after all it is only the second day.

I took Oscar on a nice long walk yesterday to get those steps in and today another is planned.

Last night we could not decide what to have for tea, normally this would result in a pro pointing blowout of mass proportions but I refused to give in.
 So off to Asda we went, normally we shop at Lidl for the week but this was a just to get something nice for tea visit.

Hubby plumped for a normal naughty fix

I hate KFC so steered well clear, he also added skinny fries.

I kept my Halo in place and had
a very worthwhile 9pp far better than a takeaway guess the points game. PP are correct as I used my scales to work it out.

Whilst there I treated myself to a bit of light reading

Have not got to start it yet as I started to watch the 2 part drama on Channel 5 last night - TUT with Ben Kingsley in it. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to the second part tonight.

So that's all for now, have to make a shopping list now as I am sure we will do the weekly shop today and I want to remain focused and in control x

Nice Prawn salad for lunch followed by fruit and crisp =4pp

Roast for tea and by the time I have my evening meal I will be at 26pp for the day 3 aps earnt.