Well here we go again.

Hello Diary, thats' how I see this blog now as my little diary online.

 I know a few people still check in and read, and for that I am thankful, old friends keeping an eye on me, making sure I am on the straight and narrow, but since stepping away from the craft demonstrating I realise some of you may not be interested in what I am writing.

Well since my last post I have knit a few things


 Started a fair isle cardi
 wore my waterlily top

I have also been on my hols to Turkey

Fell out of a raft and got pulled over boulders.

Been offered a new job and accepted, but also been offered an apprenticeship interview and thinking.com weighing the options and think I know what to do, well 85% sure. LOL!


A reality check, weighing after two holidays, not eating well for 12 months (due to being surrounded by chocolate and pasties in the place I worked) and not exercising regularly for the same amount of time. 2 stone back on NOOOOO!!! but 9lb of that was last weeks holiday and I have lost 3lb of that already.

I am relieved to be out of the toxic food environment, I am returning to a full time, moving around constantly job. I have charged up my fit bit and aim to work towards my 10,000 steps a day as from tomorrow. I am going to walk before I can run. 


Knit Nurd said…
Hi Tracy, just wanted you to know that I read what you write about. My goodness...your leg looks painful!!! Congratulations on your new job!!!