Sunday Morning May 3rd.

Good morning everyone and another overcast and drizzle rain day today.

How are you all?

Well I worked last night and in the little village I work in, it was May carnival and although the actual procession was very naff indeed, the pubs were very busy indeed which made for a very amusing afternoon/ evening.

I could honestly have just got intoxicated just off of the fumes.

People were generally very smiley and apologetic if they were overly wobbly and slurry with their speech. I heard  "May day - it's gotta be done, ain't it" so many times. But at least the evening went quickly.

So how was the rest of my day?

Food wise was not bad, could have done better, but knew I was only a couple of weight watcher points over.

No Exercise - but not a lot of sitting down.

Craft wise =

Hubby built me an MDF bird house for out side, I put a pic on instagram , but forgot to take a copy to put here, it is plain so now I have to decorate it. I started painting it yesterday afternoon.

Knitting I have a new project on the needles

The Wool Palette had some books reduced to £3.00 each and I picked up

Now I fully intend to knit every single pattern in this book, but to start me off I have cast on the back buttoned top - boring name for a pattern but Hey,

Now Barbara Greep owner of the Wool Palette has made me go for a colour out of my comfort zone

Hay field Fiesta, in colour way Surf Craze

 And I hope to use these funky buttons.

Right I have to go do the food shop - boring!!

Have a lovely day xxxx


Kaylene said…
I think that top and your choice of colour and buttons are going to look great! Will look forward to seeing the finished item :)