May 2nd

Well what a lovely day, Mother nature has decided to take a shower, to clean away the debris and give nourishment to the lovely plants and trees.

Yesterday, was a day to relax a day off, to sit and read the papers.
Yeah Right!!!

I decided to carry on the


Well I kid you not, 10 black sacks binned, And 7 boxes of craft supplies to go to the car boot and the room is still fit to bust. But A very tidy Fit to bust.

A room I can now move around in, instead of climbing over boxes. It has a bed init that is not just a dump everything on it bed, It is made up and clear of supplies.

Okay it took me virtually till 8.30pm to finish. But Its done. YAY!!

 Okay the dust has gone up my nose and I am this morning, sneezing and talking as If I have a peg on the end of it.  But I can get in there, sew, knit, craft and have fun again.

So what does today hold. Fun I hope. It is the May Carnival in the village I work in and when I was younger it was a fun thing, but now it appears just to be another excuse for lots of bands and drinking in the 3 pubs in the village. I am working in the shop tonight, so will be very busy indeed.

I have sometime this weekend got to sort out what clothes fits, for my holiday next month. Although A nice surprise this morning. I stood on the scales and  I have managed to maintain weight the last two weeks and not put more on. BELIEVE me that was a shock. eating or comfort eating is rarely a meal away at the moment. I know I have 1 stone to lose to get me back to goal, but it could be a whole lot worse.

I have my e-tickects, travel visas and passports all together. Then its just trying to find spending money.