May 1st

Well 4 months of the year have gone,

and Monday morning saw me very positive indeed about life.

I had perspective on what I want to do work wise and put plans in action.
I had decided once that's in place, I want to learn to drive and get myself a little runaround.
I had decided to work at but not be obsessive about diet and exercise.
I had decided to enjoy crafting again, I had just finished a lovely jumper.

Monday Afternoon however saw me very disappointed with peoples actions yet again and life.

In particular my two sister in laws. My heart broke for my husband yet again.  The lies and deception hurt the most.  Enough of that though!

As that saw us spiral down, me in particular a very heavy crash back to the harshness of their family. I was not bought up so mean spirited or selfish and I find it very hard to cope with. I mean trying to ignore the wishes of your parents will, because its not what you want? Come ON!!!!!   Everything seemed black doom and gloom for me then not the sun shiny yellow of the morning.

Tuesday was much the same went doctors for an appointment to be told the receptionist had given me the wrong date and time.

Even the jumper I knitted decided to let me down - After blocking and wearing proudly on Wednesday I washed it, when it came out of the gentle wash, the Yarn had literally broken in one spot and unravelled. (I presume the yarn must have had a weak ply as, there was no join in this area). It was another thing that added already to a tedious week.

Thursday saw me down and out, refused to do anything enjoy anything or go running.

But today I awake, Wipe my eyes and see more clearly

Monday was a good day - We ARE happy and moving forward together my hubby and me 
                                      They are lonely and miserable and holding on to a past by their accounts                                           that was abusive and negative.

Tuesday Was a good day - Saw my mum and her hubby, they got Dale to start action, 
                                       He found out he has the Law on his side. 
                                       But more importantly he saw a loving family that supports one another.
                                       So my appointment was wrong, the receptionist made a mistake she is only                                        human, 

Wednesday-                      A Fun filled day of laughter for me in the wool palette, My boss got my                                           wages wrong, tis funny I explained if its not family trying to diddle us its                                         my boss. 
                                        Dale had a family meeting, they tried to justify their lying, but have said                                           they will buy him out within a month, so 29th May The money should be                                         in our bank. Or It goes to denouncing them as executors                         

Thursday-                         The Whole day was spent sorting out my rather messy craft room through                                        anger - a job I have been neglecting for 10 months LOL!

SO As you can see a rather sun shiny week after all - when you look at it that way.

I know they will try in vain to knock us down again but you know what. I don't care.