How are you all?

Me I am absolutely fiddle dee dee, today.

I have found my running mojo!


And I want one of these LOL!

Well Tracy's little book anyway, so every time I do something that pushes me forward, out of my comfort zone or I did not want to do, I am going to write it all down.

I am feeling quite energized at the moment and I have learnt to say no! 

No to the things I don't want to do.
No to the things that put me in a difficult position.
No to agreeing to do what everyone else wants to do.

Does that make me selfish?? It may do, but are the people asking me to do what they want and not considering me being selfish too! So they are allowed to be, but I am not.

I don't think so, it's just different personalties  - I was bought up to respect my elders, Piers etc. I turned it around to meaning I had to be a People Pleaser. It did not mean I was a weak person.

I am finding the balance that I like,
Yes to do things others like too to make them happy. 
 Remembering  all the whilst ,Yes its okay to say actually I don't want to or I don't like it.

I am uncomfortable with the people however who do what they want all the time and never think about others feelings.

It may be they see themselves as just strong minded people sticking up for themselves.
But at the expense of being rude, ignorant and unfeeling to others that care about them??

There may have been a trigger or circumstance they feel they have a right or reason to treat others that way, but does it Help? Really?

I am all for live and let live, letting go of the past, as I am told too by some and I do truly try,
I don't mind them telling me their opinion - I do mind them telling me this if they do not live by what they preach however.

This may appear as a ranting post, but it is not honestly.

It is just a true reflection of how I feel today.

If we were all just a little bit mindful of how we treat, strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, family and friends. We may all live in a nicer, calmer, world .

Is it really that hard just to be nice to People.

Take care and Hugs to all today xxx