Well I have been very neglectful of this blog.

I admit, I have ignored you and left you all alone little blog. Hey, I am sorry. Life just took over.

It was time for me to get a grip.

2 years ago I started to flag on things, but I am here and I am stronger.

I am back eating healthy, a stone within my target weight, I am starting to run again, Yay! all be it on my treadmill, but I am on week 4 run 3 tomorrow, and I know soon I will be back out pounding the streets.

My Work life balance finally may be right, I know I dallied with going into nursing etc. But Fey! I realised I was struggling to look after me and that's what I needed to do before anything else. with a change this week, a new era starts.  I will be doing 2 evenings (sat,sun) in the little grocery shop and 1 full day a week in a wool shop. (cannot take the crafter out of this girl for too long, although the depression tried hard, it did not win). What wool shop? The wool Pallette at Plymstock, Barbara has offered me one day a week - as she gets it LOL! That I can advise but not teach and I need to be just a normal crafter.

I do nip back into Fabric and Paper, but although I love sewing, I am not sure Quilts (however beautiful), hold my interest long enough. I do go in to look at the lovely colours of fabric though and of course chat to Karen.

Elaine and Nova are still a constant support, we do not see as much as one another at the moment - jobs, life and illness etc. We all hope to get crafty together soon.

Oscar dog, is enjoying my new outlook as I have started taking him back out for walks - Long walks on my own. It was scary as all hell at first, but I've done it once and I can do it again is my mantra, but I am using it less and less.

I have a wonderful holiday to look forward to in June with hubby, both my daughters(Jo&Sarah) and son in law Lee. we are all going to Turkey.

And I am Knitting to my little hearts content.

So little blog we are all upto date, and I will be here more regular, If anyone is still out there reading Hello again.

Take care my lovlies, Hugs.