Thursday 12th March

Those that know me very well, will understand the picture above. He is mine, I love him. His innocence and caring nature. But just look at the Joy on that face. When Things go wrong the Oh d- dears. I kinda relate to this little PIGLIT (as he spells it).

(Wikepedia States: Disney's interpretation of Piglet:  His fears and nervousness are played up more, as he runs and hides when unnecessary and often stutters when nervous. He has a lot of hidden courage and often faces danger to help others, even when afraid. Stories about him tend to revolve around these traits as well as his small size.
In the Disney cartoons, Piglet loves beautiful things like flowers, is very kindhearted and is obsessed with keeping things neat and tidy. He sometimes has an inferiority complex, although his friends think highly of him. However, he is often left performing tasks better suited to someone bigger and stronger )

But I digress from the point of the post and picture this morning, I am  as Happy as Piglit looks.

Happy to report I finally feel free to say I am happy.

Happy to realise this morning that the D was descending but I shooed it away,

Happy as  I will run in a bit although ten minutes ago I was saying nope.

Happy as despite falling off the diet wagon at the end of the day a little over the last 4 days, I get back on it every morning.

Happy to leave the guilt of walking away from what was Just Tracys, now in the past. It was a joint decision between Myself and Karen and I now realise it was her decision along with Jill to carry it forward as Fabric and Paper I am free to no longer beat myself up over that. I wish them all the luck and Hope they are happy too.

Happy as I have found contentment working at The Wool Pallette and The Little Village shop.

Happy when I get to podcast and chatter about things crafty.

Happy I have no deadlines to meet. 

Happy I have friends and family I enjoy spending time with.

So this week, I am just enjoying, waking up, spending time with Dale and looking forward to down time (knitting), shopping for gifts etc. I Hope to catch up with friends I have neglected whilst sorting my head out. Lynn Courteney being one and some of my muskies friends. 

I am Happy as I have decided running indoors and out are definitely in my future but the gym with weights are definitely not. I don't enjoy working out that way. So I am not going to do it. The feeling of running outdoors leaves me feeling alive. Knacked but alive. The gym weights just leaves me feeling inadequate and grumpy.

I am also happiest, as I have two wonderful, independent daughters, who have both grown up, spread their wings and live their lives in their own homes, working hard and enjoying their lives and I have a holiday away with them coming up. 

So just want to say, Have a happy day everyone xxx