Friday 20th March, - Partial Eclipse Day

Well here we go, will we see it won't we see it. The Partial Eclipse that is. 

I remember the total eclipse, I was working in the Evening Herald offices on the family announcements at the time. We had a great big monitor set up in the office and we were on the middle floor of the big glass ship building. It was so eerily quiet as everything went to sleep the birds stopped singing and life went still.

Don't quite know if today will be as spectacular as that - we shall see.

I have been tracking well the last 3 days - I am taking each day as it comes and I am very happy with the way my head is in gear at the moment. Life is looking up.

I also completed my first 5km of the year (well c25k over the last 5 weeks has got me back there) on the treadmill yesterday morning. 11.26 minute miles and that was including the 5 minute warm up and cool down walks, so so happy as I can return to club knowing I can start in the 12 minute mile group and work back up to  10's.

On that note 

This picture sums up yesterday afternoon and evening. I was debating going back to running club.

I just needed to go get my body back through the door, see if I felt comfortable with it all. I went with a friend who always makes me feel comfortable running and I used to spur her on a bit. I have vowed to run with her Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Going back was not as hard as I thought. To be fair there are a load of new People (well new to me), so I was very much a newbie to them, but some of the older members said or waved hello. I did lurk in the back a bit. I did not run as I had already ran that afternoon, but felt good talking to people about running further, getting me back to 4 then 5 then 6 then who Knows how many miles.

So this morning sees me feeling a little bit stronger again. I cannot wait till Tuesday.

Hope you all have a wonderful day - and a lovely weekend xx