Friday 13th EEEEEKKKKK!

Ha ha It is Friday 13th - do you believe in the superstitious date? I don't. 

Apparently is all goes back to Christ - the last supper (13 disciples) and his crucifixion on good Friday. Who'd have thunk it?

Well Phooey! I am treating it like any other day and going to take my lead from Pooh and Piglet again!

Breakfast was not exciting today in content but in promise, as I fell off the bandwagon again last night -DOH! This habit will be broken. 

I have had my healthy porridge, banana and green tea. So today starts off promisingly.

I Caught up with two friends yesterday, lynn and I chatted via facebook for a couple of hours, which was lovely and then I caught up with Kathy and I have committed to going out running Tuesday with her - gulp!

I have not got round to podcasting yet, as I seem to have been busy this week doing not a lot LOL!

I have knitted little and I have fallen for this little bear and want to knit her and some of her friends.

That's all for today, but I hope you all have a wonderful day xxx