So this is 2015 and Podcasting

Well Happy New year everyone.


I do hope those of you who went out celebrating are safe and happy.( Early reports in from my Friends in Tamerton are not good as there was an incident around the pubs which appear to have related in a fatality. So sad! Hoping it is just rumours and grapevine).

We decided to go the quiet night in route, See this year in quietly and calmly - hoping that will encourage it to remain that way.

Any who!

I am trying out something new today.

A Podcast.

I have become quite addicted to watching these since being a user of the Knitting site Ravelry.

So thought I would have a play. At the moment it contains a lot of knitting related stuff but may show more makes along the way.

Here is my first episode: No 1 : Carry on podcasting. (stupid thing starts from seven minutes in but you can slide it back to the beginning)

I have added show links/ notes below just in case you would like to try any of the patterns etc.

If you are not into handicrafts it will be a boring watch for you. Some of my Mords get Wuddled.
and I do go into my own world.

Finished Object 


Wants to be on needles