Sunday 28th December 2014

WOW! What happened to December? Where Did it go?? 
It went in a blaze of shopping, rushing, working, knitting, panicking and more.

I hope to get back to regular blogging soon and I may even start podcasting (planning January).
I have watched more podcasts by knitters lately than anything either BBC, ITV or Sky are dishing out. Real people sharing life and hobbies. They can make you laugh and cry at the same time - but be warned they enable you so much. That your project and stash lists grow and grow and grow.
Proper reality tv, not over pretentious people trying to be famous.

So I maybe going yarn sale shopping in the town centre today - saving my gift voucher for the wool pallette for when I want to make something for me.

I also have work later. only 3-6pm but it is a drag as today is supposed to be my day off. I have nearly finished my Christmas Jumper (next years now - tut!) It was a first for me as the back, front and arms are knit so far separately and then you knit them in the round for the yoke, which is all stranded work, which I am new to. I knitted it in inexpensive acrylic, as it was a tester to see if I could do it before moving on to other stranded colour work projects in nicer wools for everyday wear. We shall see how it comes out shortly.

I promised Photos of mum and her hubby gifts I made so here they are.

Philips Cardigan

Mums Cardigan

Mums Shawl

Well I can hear my man moving around, so better get off of here and get my coat on. Speak soon.

I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and hope you all have a fit, happy and healthy New Year xxxx


Elaine said…
Wow, well done you xx