Good morning, good morning. Its Sunday 30th November!!

It will soon be my Favourite month of the year. YAY!!!!!

I love Christmas and all things Christmassy.

This week despite still having the vertigo, I have had the most amazing week - well a normal week but finished off with an amazing Saturday.

So most of the week saw me working and knitting. so quick catch up.


Mainly Christmas Gifts,  I spent a few weeks knitting something for Mum which I will show after "THE" day, its finished I love it - but its Mums. LOL!

My brothers Jumper - ARRGHHHH!!! finished knitting it went to sew it up and did one side and sleeve seam and I hate it the way the increases were done on the sleeve does not give you a nice seam, and where the sleeve meets the rib top of the front and back the fabric looks Yuck! I know it is mainly the fact that the yarn is an inexpensive acrylic dk - dk pattern and all but, whilst I was knitting in my head I knew it was knitting a thin ugh fabric,  but ploughed on bullishly, as thought it was my heart sulking as I had just knit with a lovely baby alpaca yarn and it was not be as bad as I feared. Lesson learnt and will not succumb to knitting inexpensive yarn  as christmas panic knitting sets in. False economy as I now have to go and buy him something instead.

Wintersweet MKAL cast on - by Boo Knits a lacey Shawl with over 1000 beads. Watch this space.

Paper craft

Nothing, Nada, zip - it did not do it for me this week.

Ooh before I forget Over at Ravelry - Tilly trout forum has me addicted to podcasts on you tube, Tilly does one and I like The sampler girl too, have to check out more as they are new to me. Tempted to have a go myself.

Life - Is Life.
Diet - What Diet?
Exercise - One successful treadmill run followed by a very bad vertigo attack. So on hold.

So Saturday

Finally managed to catch up with friends Elaine and Nova, Life has just got in the way for all of us at the moment but this saturday I booked a day off work to spend with them and them alone. We went to Exeter Westpoint (an events venue) this weekend they were having there Christmas Fayre.

Lots of local food and wine producers, mixed in with some handicraft sellers, and normal market clothes, bags gifts sellers.

I must admit the gift sellers were not upto normal standard this year - but the food and wine sellers are always my personal favourite. with lots of tasters as you go.

So what did I buy - well some I cannot say as this year I was buying for gifts for mum from her hubby (stocking fillers). But Me Yummy - I got my Chaider which is a non alcholic apple drink with I think its ginger or/and  maybe cinnamon which you warm like mulled wine. It is delish so 2 bottles one for Christmas and eh hem one for NOW!

Now I was have been looking for a red wine I loved for years - Travicello Red wine. I know it was from a wine merchant and not available in shops and I found a Wine merchant (Peiroth wines) purely by accident there this year. So asked about the wine and it was one of theirs - Hurrah. BUT!! It is £14.50 a bottle - I would pay it as a Christmas Treat - BUT!!!! I would have to order a case of 12 bottles. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! devasted.

but not for long!

I moved on to another stall and ooh Lyme Bay winery - Hello my Mulled wine friend, how are you?

Yep mulled wine purchased, and whilst I was visiting them I tried their Elderberry wine - Travicello who??  A mere snip @ £7.95. 1 bottle purchased and then oooh looksie a Elderberry port - Awarded Gold at the 'Taste of the West Awards' 2012.. Now I am not a port drinker, but I have guests ( Mum, Philip and Sarah) coming for Christmas lunch and will off course have a cheese board (any excuse) but I have to say I tried it and I may not share it. I only got a teeny tiny bottle and as It was the last one with slightly dodgy lid , got it for £6.00 instead of £8.00.

We had a good natter, tasting and laughing all day - great times and then when we got back to Plymouth we went to Endsleigh Garden centre and had the most yummy Gingerbread Latte's. Oh and discovered they sold Lyme Bay produce more expensive but nice to know - just in case I need a treat throughout the year.

That's it for today, Waiting to see what Mr W wants to do today - I have work today 3pm-5pm (covering staff shortage). Happy and content day though xx