Yummy food for chilly weather.

OOH it has turned cold really quickly, has it not?

Going to work this morning at 5,50am was a very BRRRRR!! moment.

Last night when I finished at 9.15pm I was so grateful I had prepared my evening meal earlier on in the day, and it was warming in the oven thanks to lovely hubby for popping it in before coming to pick me up.  It was one of those meals just right for a cold evening.

(forgot to take a pic, so borrowed one of off the Interweb, oops!)

Cowboy Pie

2 Weight Watchers Sausages (3pp)
1/2 can baked beans (4pp)
mushroom chopped
onion chopped
potatoes and a drop of skimmed milk. (4pp for potato, milk from daily milk points)

Brown Sausages and chop up. Put to one side.
Dry fry onion and mushroom mix in sausages and beans. pop into oven proof dish.
Boil and mash potato with a little milk and put on top of sausage and bean mixture. Bake in oven for 25 minutes on Reg 6 gas and enjoy.

If you are not watching your weight or have enough Pro Points add some grated cheese to the top MMMM!!!!!.

The Late Monday early Tuesday shifts are a killer and I intend to do not a lot for the rest of the day. A little bit of knitting and a cheesy afternoon film maybe.

Keep warm everyone xx