Thank god its monday!

Well what a weekend that was. One I hope is never ever repeated!

After my last post of losing Uncle Merv, Within 12 hours we Aunty Val had passed away. My poor Sarah (25) was in the room visiting as it happened too. Despite all the sadness, I am surprised though how the one thing that normally causes so much stress in peoples lives - Facebook, has actually managed to bring all the cousins together in their grief.

As a family we are spread far and wide, some even in Australia, this weekend was spent Saturday supporting one another through, but Sunday was more of a chatty day reconnecting with one another.

With all the sadness around I settled for a nice quiet day yesterday, went shopping with hubster for food for the week ahead.

Got my mum some sunflowers, to brighten up her sad weekend, and to remember happy times.

Then we came home and sat and watched the films "The Alamo" and Johnny Depp in "Charlie and the chocolate factory" all the whilst I knitted.

Now diet wise I think I did very well, Did not over eat Saturday and Sunday, was very mindful of my usual - sod it reaction to bad things, and I stayed within points. Sunday is always a heavier day food wise for me as it is the only day I am home all day so it's a tad harder but I normally save weekly points for this. But came out + 2pp, which is very good all things considered.

Today is my first new weigh day 10st 4 1/2lbs, I have a few weeks then I hope to rejoin my WW group. I need that structure and with my new working hours (after covering bosses holiday the next 4 weeks) I can attend a midday class.

Here is hoping we all have a good week, both with loved ones, diet and fitness wise.

Hugs xx

P.S  New Mental Attitude = New look Blog = Cheery Place xx