Sorry the mist descended!

Thursday was a goodish day but not food wise, now that should have set alarm bells off, yesterday was a total disaster on both mood and food. Yep I had a D day (demon day) one of those days that the depression and anxiety wins.

I did fight like hell through my shift at work all 6 very busy hours, with no break or even time for a cuppa.

Have another 6 hour shift today, but looking at the weather that's a good thing.

Hey ho - Blip days are what makes me at the moment.

On a positive note because I have learnt to except that these days are here for a bit, they are part of me (for now), I am planning a totally relaxed evening tonight - even going to have chippy tea, I know, how naughty. Then tomorrow I plan to get up, do the food shop and knit all day, may take Oscar on a long long walk if it is dry.

That's me for now.