It ain't nothing bad!

That's it today - the little voice in my head is telling me it ain't nothing bad.

I have been knocked down again, but life is constantly knocking people down, its how we cope that defines us, but take away those coping mechanisms. All that is left to do is get up, go to work and sleep.

So this is me for the next two weeks, waiting for results from the doctors, not being allowed to exercise at all - swimming NO! Running No! Arrrgh. I was loving running again, it was making me feel "normal" again, whatever that is.

I have spent a couple of days wallowing in self pity, then I realised that the old demons were sneaking in. NOOOO! we can't let that happen. I have to learn that if I am busy and the D's start I may have to have a nanna nap in the afternoon.  I am finding this is also necessary too, if I am working an evening shift - its a coping mechanism, but it stops me going sick or crying all the time. So I will have them if they are needed.

Today sees drawing yet another line to start eating healthy again - I am a comfort eater, and I have needed a lot of comfort lately.

So far today I have been good and tracked every morsel that I eat.