GOOOD MORNING!!! How you all feeling today!

I am up, having a leisurely banana breakfast (0pp) before I go to work at 11am there till around 5pm tonight. I like Fridays I work in my bosses other shop today (no post office counter in this one, so it is easier) but it is delivery day so super busy, and goes quick!

With the day time hours and no staff room, lunch is an on the shop floor/ store room type of affair. So in amongst the pastries savoury/ sweet, and the shop packaged sandwiches finding something healthy is a hazzle, but I WILL stay strong, little pack lunch for me today it is.

Marmite, cheese triangle on a Warburtons slim,(4pp) (don't knock it till you've tried it), followed by some carrot and cucumber sticks to dip in a honey and mustard dressing (0pp) and an apple (0pp).

Saving up the points as may be going out tonight with the hubster - a very rare event of an evening. I am trying to get him to go along to his old darts team night, just for male company and to have something to look forward too each week. It is something we are going to do together and then we are really going to concentrate on getting his half plot allotment going, as we have had it 8 months and done nothing. Which is entirely my fault as I hate digging and there is a lot to dig.

Still not happy about not being able to exercise at the moment, I hope the results don't take longer than the predicted 2 weeks - I want to do the Plymouth 10km I am booked and payed onto. I want to train and swim. I WANT TOO!!! LOL! Stamping feet is now an option.

Points left for evening 22pp/26pp
Activity points earnt so far this week 5aps (Thanks to walking).
Weeklies left 0pp/49pp (I want to keep my weigh day as a Monday/Tuesday, so eliminated weeklies to allow for no self control the beginning part of the week).