Good Morning Peeps!

Well it looks like its trying to be a lovely Autumn day out there anyway. I love Autumn cold sunshine days, the turning of colour on leaves, the nip in the air just to remind you its nearly time to hibernate, indoors for winter, with movies and blankets, to be all toasty cosy and warm. Without having to go out, show off skin the colour of alabaster LOL! Not having to defuzz from the knee up, (well that's where my running leggings reach.) KIDDING!!!!! or am I??

 I am sat around trying to get through to my doctors surgery to find out if they have my results yet, I am itching to swim and run (see defuzzing IS still needed). So to relieve me from the never ending busy ringtone of the Surgery I have been looking through my Camera SD card. I really have not used the Camera as much as I wanted too - this is going to be rectified ASAP.

I did find a couple of photos on there from my holiday in Zante this year.

This was taken very early in the morning as we were heading out on the ferry to Olympia.

Aaah its lovely to have the experiences and memories of foriegn places.  On the same camera I also had pictures of a beautiful day spent with Elaine, Nova,  and Gary at Portland and Weymouth.

O well, this is getting nothing done, got through to surgery to be told results are not back yet. So continue the waiting game. Not got work till 5 tonight, so cuppa time and then to decide how we are going to spend today.

bye for now xx