Friday 24th October

Yesterday was a lovely day just spent doing housework and knitting, I did not end up going into town for the yarn, will save that for Sunday or Monday.

I am on a mission to get the Cardigan I am knitting done, whilst I know the recipient will love it, I am not enjoying knitting it, as its grey, fishermans rib and I cannot show pics on here as it is a Christmas Gift.

I knitted a whole side front yesterday, but was naughty and started my very first Lace knit shawl (slippery little sucker of a yarn, so may be a challenge).

Today sees a 6 hour shift to be done - so no knitting till tonight.
We have fish pie for tea as I made it up yesterday, all we have to do is knit heat it up, doh! Knitting on the brain.  Knitting up a fish pie! Guffaw! Hilarious!!

Not on track food wise and not exercising, saw a comment on Facebook this morning in our running club page, that really may have put the nail in the coffin for me returning to club. Will have to find out the full details before I decide, as one side of the story and all that.

I know my stress levels are up, as the dizzy spells are back - one day at a time mantra is in force though.

Happy Friday everyone xxxxx