Today is going to be a very PINK day!!

Although I am working this afternoon it is only a little shift. 4.30pm-8.30pm.

Today is most definitely dedicated to all things pink!
This morning I was wondering around the local B&Q garden centre when I spied a Dahlia and My instant reaction was - " Aww thats my ANN!"

Ann was a friend who passed away recently and to be honest I am still in total shock she is no longer with us, and that I won't see her cheeky smile or hear her naughty laugh again. Ann was such a bright, vibrant happy LADY in the true sense of the word.

So the flower had to come home with me

 DAHLIA - Fascination
Now to be known as "My Ann"

Happy Sigh!

When I finish work tonight at 8.30pm

Most normal sane people would be heading home for a Saturday night relax.
but not me, oh no, this girly is changing into a pink tutu, pink wig and trainers.
Meeting up with some friends and walking 15 miles for St Luke's Midnight walk.

MAD!! Yep!
so from 10pm till I crawl over the finish line in the early hours of tomorrow morning think of me.
Will try to pop a picture on tomorrow of me in all my finery xx
bye zee bye xx


Karen Hoskin said…
Beautiful plant and so Ann. Good luck tonight