Things are turning a corner!!

And I seem to have found my


Slowly but surely I am feeling happier about myself. 
I have learnt if I have  a goal to aim for it keeps me sane.

So have put in place plenty. 
College and new career being one of them plans.

I also have discovered I am not happy if I am eating junk all the time, 
so have started to eat healthily again, 
another thing I have learnt
 that if I exercise during the day 
I am more awake in the moring, 
happier and able to do more over the course of the day
 and sleep better at night. 

So WW, swimming, running and gym are planned in for most days.

I have made a decision to have a total break from all things crafty.
No Knitting, Sewing or Papercrafting. 
So No Stampin up! either.

With this in mind I am going to sell off some bits. 
Not all of my stuff will go as I may come back to it in a year or two.

But my (Hardly Used) Cricut Expression and stamps I know I won't want, will go.
Along with a cuttlebug as well.

I still have sadness going on (much love to all my cousins that are bracing for a sad day) but its not weighing me down like it used too every day, the depression is still there and I had a really bad spell on Saturday/ Sunday, its something I am learning to live with, there is no quick fix, but I won't let it pull me down every single day. I am stronger than you and you won't win!


Tracy xxx


Lisa Cornwall said…
Tracy am sending you hugs from Somerset. Here if you need an ear. Xx
Karen Hoskin said…
Great news - keep it up you will get through this
Bernie Simmons said…
Huge Hugs Tracy .....would love to meet for a catch up xxx no craft chat allowed !