Sunday Morning,

Well I am sat in my PJ's thinking about getting dressed. 

Today I don't have work till 4.30pm - 8.30pm short shift that frustrates the hell out of me LOL! Wait all day to go in and then run around like a loon for 4 hours then home again. Its the waiting game that gets to me. I am finding I am very fidgety and need to be moving.

So what's the plan today.

Well I hope to be a good weight watcher today, although hubby still loves his roasts on a Sunday so roast beef tonight. Fruit and salad are the order for the rest of the day.

This morning I have decided I may pop into the shop to get back some of my craft goods from when I moved house. It has to be done, but to be honest it fills me with dread, A) as I don't want to craft at all and the sight  of all my stuff depresses me and B) when I go near the shop I have a panic attack and have an overwhelming sense of failure. 
But it has to be done, and have little time to do it as I must return my keys to Karen.

Hopefully exercise will clear my mind xx