Thursday, 29 May 2014

Limbo land can be boring!!

Posted by tracy watkiss at 08:57
Well I am still waiting for the DBS (CRB) tracking to be completed and the certificate to be delivered so I can start my new career.

I had a good giggle in the shop yesterday with the very very naughty wednesday quilting class. No illness talk, just tv, life, food and very rude bits LOL! they lead me astray and I can be very loud in this class. Me loud I know how hard to believe is that.

Dale has hospital today, fingers crossed it is a good day.

Elaine my friend if you read this, keep strong, Karma will be with you soon.
Attempting a trip back to running club tonight, to increase my distance back past 3 miles. First run at club since this time last year me thinks x



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