Good morning

I am sat in the shop typing this morning.  I should have got up when I first awoke at 6.45am but I did not drifted back off and got up nearer 8am, this is the worst thing I can do as I know it makes me sleepy for the rest of the morning.

I know some friends of mine are having more stressful days than me today so today's song is an upbeat, sing it loud song. To keep them buoyant and above the political craziness in work situations.

Wilson Philips - One More Day

My Happy thought today was my dog walk with Oscar last night, 

It was warm enough not to wear a jacket and we poodled along the nature reserve down Tamerton way and back. The sun was still out, all was quiet and we could hear all the birds tweeting. (told them they should use FB) sorry could not help myself LOL!

I hope you all have happy days today.


Rachel Webber said…
Glad you had such a good day yesterday, long may it continue!

Tracy so glad you had another good day. Here's to many more. Love Alison xxx
Bernie Simmons said…
I had a cuppa with a friend who is coming to Workshop on Thursday so nice morning . Followed by two dog walks which I enjoyed now just sat with tea and a ginger biscuit .....Perfick! xxx Hers to many more good ,better ,best days!
Tracy said…
Glad you had a lovely day Bernie xx hope your workshop is a good one xx
Lainey said…
Well done Tracy,