Thursday, 3 April 2014

Something new to try

Posted by tracy watkiss at 16:10
I have managed 2 and half days work this week, woohoo! 

But I have managed to have a start on a new quilt with a difference, now as those of you who know me, know I like to play and mix across crafts skills.

So I am starting a new quilt! I found a pattern I liked ish, started it then started redesigning some of it. 

I did not want to just stitch a shell shape so I took some calico, drew on a shell, coloured it in with ..... Get this......... watercolour pencils. Now the plan is to paint a light amount of Jo Sonjas Textile medium over the images to set them.

Fingers crossed this works xx

2 comments: said...

Good for you Tracy you will soon be back to your normal self, well done for going to work. Love Alison xxx

Bernie Simmons said...

What a great idea.....let me know if it does x Well done on work too xxx


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