Monday Monday!!!

Well Good morning Lovely peeps!

AAAHHH Bank Holidays gotta love them, time spent with family YAY!!!  But oh I have missed by Besties this weekend. Hope to catch up with Elaine and Nova ,Tuesday for back to gym night.

I am arising with a positive attitude this morning. The Besties and I are doing the 100 days of happy thoughts challenge. This is going to make me focus on positivity and happy happy happy.

I am also going to get back dieting and living healthy. I have stuffed so much this last week, I don't feel comfortable.

So to kick start my morning: I have to tell you one of my guilty pleasures. Gulps!!!!

Mamas & Papas
I love them = The group that is.

I have listened to them this morning, they have already made me smile x, and I am going to drink my coffee, which suprisingly COTOSOD ( Coming Out The Other Side Of Depression) I now like black. Afterwards I am considering a walk,  maybe with Oscar but I have to do a food shop to get back in healthy things.

Ooh and I want to learn proper dress making. my finishing and sizing needs improving. As this is the only thing that is seeing me even thinking of doing anything crafty, I am trying to encourage it, despite wanting to do anything but.

Off now byeee xx


Rachel Webber said…
So good to see you being so positive!

I used to love dressmaking before I became the size of a house, best recommendation I can make is get a dressmakers dummy (no husbands won't do!), one that can be adjusted. I know you will make amazing clothes, just as your cards were always completely stunning.

Tracy said…
Aww Thank you Rachel, will have to keep a look out for one going cheap.
Bernie Simmons said…
One of MY ALL TIME fav feel good songs Loved the Mammas and Pappas and good for you on doing the challenge xxx I look forward to reading more xxxx

Monday mornin it was all I hoped it would beeeeeeeee .....
Now I have it stuck in my head ! My dh will be happy!!!!!
Hi Tracy soooo good to see you are starting to come out of the darkness of depression slowly day by day and I agree with Rachel dress making dummies are fantastic for size and finishing. Hugs Alison xx