Well today was one of those days, wanted to stand on a cliff side with no one around for miles and just scream "ARRRRRRRGH" for no other reason than to let the tension out. Don't ask me why I felt like that, I felt the same yesterday and Monday too.

I really don't know why, it confuses the hell out of me.

Continuing with the questions=

Q1) What are your nicknames and what do you prefer to be called?

I have a few nicknames = Trace, Precious(mum calls me it), Smelly, ugly and pooh bear (all 3 things my husband calls me), Princess (well it is all about me). I really don't mind any term of endearment as long as it is positive, so don't have a preference other than my given name LOL. I don't like strangers calling me LOVE though.

Q2) What book are you currently reading?

I am reading  Truth Lies Bleeding by Tony Black (British Crime Writer)
 A young girls body is found in a dumpster and so the investigation begins. Only Just Started it so thats all I can share at the moment.

That's all for today xxx


Lainey said…
Right, I think we need a walk in the weather at the weekend, especially if its windy, cos when you scream, no-one can hear it.....LOL. xxx