Vertigo - Bloomin Vertigo!

I was feeling so positive this week.

Saturday - lovely walk with friends = no panics, stress or anxiety
Sunday - Braved a walk just myself and Oscar 7.75 miles = just a little wobble but pleased I pushed myself.
Monday - Went to town with Mum and Daughter = tired and home by lunchtime but still feeling positive.
Tuesday - Managed loads, Swim, 9.30 till 1.30 in shop, gym in the evening. WHOO HOO
Wednesday - Tired out but feeling positive still , Made a card with a view to doing a workshop.
Thursday - got upto go toilet at 4.30am room swaying, eyes not focusing and dizzy. When I walked I veered to the left so rested up.
Friday - Got up to go swimming and then into shop but felt so low, and still dizzy and sick, still tried went swimming, felt sluggish and not with it. Sat after with a coffee to steady myself to go to shop, but it was not to be, felt so rough and sick. so home sofa and sleep.

I am not going to let myself sink though, As I saw light this week and I am chasing it xxx


Lainey said…
Oh no Tracy, but remember more good days than bad days. Xx