Question time again.

Okay a quick post today. As I have to drag myself out the house today, good start I remembered to take my tablet, big tick for me.

On to questions

What food could you not live without?

Easy peasy lemon squeazy answer for me today = toast. I love toast, I turn to toast when I am struggling and need a hug when no one is around. If I want to feel warm and snuggly on a cold evening its toast I eat. I have to plan in toast days on my ww diet too, as I would crumble and not bother dieting without it. How weird does that make me - I don't care.

Your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is a pink coat I had. I Loved my pink coat. I must have been 4??? I think I was going to look around my infants school for the first time. Not sure all I can remember is my coat. It was a wool coat Pink with a pink and white check colour and bands around the cuff area with gold buttons. and a matching band across the waist area on the back. I thought it was very grown up and I was the bees knees in it.

I want that coat now - ooh maybe thats why I like proper wool grown up coats now. My Sarah got me the most amazing coat for christmas.


Bernie Simmons said…
Well Good Morning to you too xxxx
Fave food ...cheese love cheese not any particular type just cheese in general .....Earliest memory being in my pram on a sunny day outside in the balcony in the flats where we lived in london being given a flat bottomed bottle with milk that I didn't like and throwing it over the top into the paving below.....also I remember my first Birthday I was sat on the floor on the rug in the front room and been given a birthday card by my Uncle Harold and Auntie Jan that had a duck in was the same as Uncle Vic and Auntie Peggy had bought.....odd that was the one thing that suck in my mind .....
Tracy said…
Ha ha bernie you could have knocked someone out with the flying bottle. It is strange the things we remember.