Lots of new things sorted today.

Well I went into work today, Wednesday mornings are lovely, time for Karen, Jill and myself to make decisions,chat and look forward to the future.

We have made some very important ones today, time will reveal them, but we all know it is going to be for the better and better for everyone.

I forgot to take my tablet and looked like a mad woman bouncing around the walls, and then was left totally exhausted this afternoon.

So what fine questions lay in store for me today.

Question 1 :  your last kiss today or when was it and who and why?

My last kiss was today, on the cheeks, with Karen. We kissed each other goodbye and had a hug, just as a support and care thing. She is so calm and laid back. Love her.

Question 2: A song/music you listened to today?

It was on the radio on the way into work today. It just happened to be one that made me smile as it was in the charts about 1979, and I was 9 and would sing along happily, still has that effect on me now
Video Killed the radio star by buggles. link below.


Bernie Simmons said…
Kissed ...Rory Just because I dont need a reason...Worry Like you I worry about everything if there is nothing to worry about Ian says I'm not happy! Last song *It's Raining men ....