I have had a very nice day today, I went in to see Karen and we had a chin wag and a coffee, I sat and watched her draw out a quilt pattern onto calico and just generally watched the morning go by. It really was very relaxing, then home for lunch and now I am watching the Winter Olympics and my eyes are drooping as I am tired.

So what questions shall we do today, well lets see.

Q1) Do you doodle and what are your doodles normally like?

yes I doodle every day, and they tend to reflect my mood, when I am happy birds, bees, flowers and the sun are all present in my doodling. If I am not quite so happy, just swirly mess normally ensues with raindrops.

There are times when I am writing my journal I doodle to match some of the points of the day I have had or topics I am talking about too, I find this very therapeutic.

Q2) What do you do if you cannot sleep at night? toss and turn, count sheep or get up and do something productive?

If I cannot sleep at night, I say a little mantra in my head = don't go to sleep, don't go to sleep, don't got to sleep.  As I normally do the opposite to what people tell me to do, this normally works. Seriously it does.

On the odd occasion this does not work, I will get up and go down stairs, making sure I don't do anything to fire up my brain as I will never get back to sleep then, so I just surf the internet, read blogs go on pinterest. Until I am ready to go back to sleep.

Till next time

Bye xxx