Good morning World Its a brand new day!!

Well trying to keep the positivity going, Had a funny old day yesterday, a little panic at my first outing back to circuits, handled it quite well me thinks.
Awoke to go swimming, but cancelled my poor mum has a stonking cold.
Rather than going back to bed, I am sat on Sofa - this is a positive as I did not just crawl back into bed to sleep half the day away. GO ME!!

So decided to get my blog challenge done nice and early again.

So question one

What Inspires you to be creative?
MMM! I don't really know,Mum taught me to bake and cook, my nans' taught me to knit and sew. I taught everything else myself it comes from inside me (how arty does that sound LOL!).

Most of what I create depends on moods, nature around us, but even the weather can effect me.

I have always loved getting inky and messy, at home and I intend to do a lot more of that in future.

Like the Pics below. I also love elegant and simple cards too so a mixture of all sorts inspire me.

( Note I have not made these canvases, they are pics that inspire me from Pinterest)

Question 2

Something good that's happened to you this week?

Em! Well the week is very young and so I don't think it's happened yet. I am awaiting a parcel of goods today so that may be one. I have a girlie sleepover to look forward to on Saturday so that will probably be the day something fun and good happens. Hoping to go gym tonight. To be frankly honest though, to be up and out in the world is a good thing at the moment.

That's all for now

Bye Bye xx


Bernie Simmons said…
What inspires me....COLOUR I think if I have to make something I always start with colour then whatever it is grows from there...

Something good that has happened to me. The realisation of the fact that I have GOOD FRIENDS that I am thankful others in the industry have fallen by the wayside. :) Happy Days. x
Lainey said…
mmm might have to think abouot these two questions I think. xx