Early post tod? for me,

Earlier than normal anyway.

Today sees us doing the food shop. Not a lot else planned as the weather is making sure its a stay at home day.

I hope to maybe do some crafting today maybe! Knitting is defo on the cards as I am knitting a tunic for Jill, thought it would be relatively simple then realised its knitted in the round from the top down. In for a penny.

I promise to show some craft items soon. Thank you so much for being patient with me.

Onto todays questions for the blog.

A date you would love to go on?

I am passed the dating scene, but if I could have a special date with my man, would it be wrong for my dog to come too. I would love to stay in a cottage on the moors, walk the dog for a good couple of hours across the moorland, then back to a roaring log fire, a good bottle of Travicello red wine, a nice pasta meal, and a movie or read a book.  (unfortunately Hubby can't do the walk, so very unlikely to happen exactly like that).

Where you would like to move or visit?

I am going to be greedy and say a couple

News Zealand/Australia I have always wanted to go to Aus, just to see the culture the beaches, warmth and more. But New Zealand pictures make me want to go and explore the history and the scenery. For my grown up cultural experience.

But the inner child - Disney land Florida pleases!!!!!  I want to go see the magic castle, watch the parade, see the characters. Especially Piglet - Oh ddddear, I love piglet. I wanna go, I really really wanna go.


Lainey said…
It's to flippin' cold to go very far today, and the showers are bad when they come down.
Lots of little jobs to do at home today, inc ironing (my favourite - not)!
Have a great day, will try and answer questions soon xx
Karen Hoskin said…
wish I could grant your last wish - it is fantastic there, and you can enjoy being a kid again
Bernie Simmons said…
A perfect date....Ian and I have very different tastes.....his would be on board a boat something like a sunseeker (He dreams BIG) Mine would Be a walk along a beach somewhere warm and a meal while watching the sunset....he can take the boat I'll fly and meet him there.....Perfect holiday Though I HATE boats ! Would be Venice.....don't ask me why I would like to go and tour Italy, Rome, Florence, The whole thing would be very much my cup of tea! Chio xx
Jill said…
ooops sorry Tracy, thanks for knitting! Jill x
Tracy said…
LOL JIll, it has made me laugh as the pattern is wrong as well, within the first 2 rows of set up. Was so confusing thought I was more doolally than I am x