Begin a fresh.

Well this week I aim to do exactly as the title says.
Albeit from this afternoon as I stumbled at the first hurdle today, getting up and going to the shop.
I have noticed the three main things that I could control were A) work B) Diet C) Exercise

but since being diagnosed with depression I can only do one a day, LOL! Well it feels like that to me. Sometimes If I am having a better day I can do two, but never three. That is my focus area, from tomorrow just keep plugging and it will snap back as it snapped out hopefully.

Enough of the wow is me - I have already had to apologise to hubby for snapping his head off this morning.

Todays Questions.

Are you strong?

Mentally = I used to be but I am temporarily broked. Waiting for a Technician to fix me, but we cannot source the part needed.
Physically = Legs yes, arms no, This I discovered whist doing triceps and biceps weights at the gym, I am pathetic at the arm stuff.

What Car do you Drive? And What do you think it says about you?

Now this is a fact a lot of you may find strange in this day and age, but I can't drive. I had Lessons failed the tests, gave up. I am terrified of driving. I am happy to rely on hubby to get me around, or when I go out with the girlies (I have great friends who pick me up, I always check its okay, don't want them feeling taken for granted). Other than that I have legs, or public transport. So what does that say about me Not sure really, never thought about it.

till next time hugs xxx


Bernie Simmons said…
Am I strong ....I dont know there are times I need a good cry there are more times I stay awake worrying about "stuff" I pray and beg and make bargains with God the way we all do...There are times when I have needed a shoulder X and times when I have needed a good kick up the backside and friends Like you Tracy are invaluable. Because a friend will do both....
Like you I dont drive so we are in the same boat! xx