A lovely weekend away!

Well My girlies did it again. They got me out for a fun afternoon and evening. After a funny start to the day.

I got up to go into the shop, but was not feeling the most positive of feelings after a very unsettled stormy night. When I looked out the window, to my surprise there were 2 horses and a foal running wild. We did not want them to run into the main road, so a round up was conducted and police called.

By the time this was done, I just felt so off balance I did not go in the shop and  it was time to get ready to meet the girls for a late lunch and some shopping, then have a sleepover a Novas' which this month was going to be Italian themed. These evenings feel like a get out of Jail free card, I am not yet ready to go out evenings in crowded restaurants dressing up, so an informal night giggling, with pj's, no make up, laughter and comfy silences are great for me.

We were going to pretend that we had actually been, as imagine our surprise when we got to Plymouth Drake Circus to discover this.

So many yummy Italian specialities on sale. We did add to our evening meal with a few choice purchases.

We had a very chilled out shop, avoiding all the busy outlets.

Then when we returned to Novas we did a little bit of crafting, followed by Wine, Pizza and Bridget Jones.

I am home now totally exhausted, as it was a very long day for me being out to play, but so worth it. Taking it easy indoors today.

I know I have neglected the questions recently so here goes with two more for you.

One of your favourite things about your Hometown?

Mine has to be Plymouth Hoe, Walking from the childrens play park up around the sea front and down to the Barbican, off course it helps if you have a nice day for it, taking it nice and slow so you can enjoy an ice cream whilst you stroll, and/ or get fish and chips and sit and watch the world go by. There is nowhere like home. This is just one of my favourites, we are lucky to have the moors the other side so have that option too. ;-)

What makes me blush?

Emmmm! I can put my foot in my mouth quite a bit innuendo wise and then I Blush. I have to admit though that I know a gentleman who is a motivator/ life coach and when he talks directly to me, about questioning who I am and what I need to change I blush! I thinks its my protective mechanism kicking in as I don't want people to realise I am not as strong/ happy/ confident/ coping as well as I try to put across.


Lainey said…
You will be back to you old self again, you might have drunk yourself around Europe to get there though. Metaphorically speaking lol xx