30 day Challenge time just one question for today

Okay my dear friend Elaine has nagged me in a nice way to get my questions posted,

So today's question


Things you would like To say to an ex : either partner or friend

Mine would be to an ex-husband

Thankyou for my two beautiful girls,

Thankyou for having an affair with someone else because if you did not I would have been in an unhappy marriage, your affair gave me the courage to say adios amigos. Move on and meet the most caring man, who looks after me without question.

Thankyou for not staying in the girls lives, as that allowed them to have a man who loves them and treats them as a DAD should. As the saying goes anyone can be a father, it takes someone special to be a DAD.


So all I can say to you with no bitterness or regret is THANK YOU.



Lainey said…
Woohoo well done on the question Tracy xx
Karen Hoskin said…
well said - you're so much better without him