Stamp storage idea!

Hi guys the other week, we were in the shop discussing storage and we saw something on the market that set off a little light bulb in my head! Pre fall over, so my head was functioning perfectly well then, any way I Digress.

So not being able to do much else, I thought I would put my light bulb moment to the test.

Take an A5 binder, I got nice clear ones from paper chase for £2.50 each.



Get some clear A5 document folders with press button fastening, these I got off Amazon 24 for £9.99 (bargain!).



Okay open up the binder and line up the document folder and mark the position of the rings.


Place a piece of thick cardstock inside the folder as we are going to draw around a half oval shape, but only cut through one layer of the plastic with a craft knife when cutting this shape, as we want to make a fold back tab. Then with a whole punch punch a whole in the centre of the tab you created.


You can just see it in the photo above. Does it make sense? Repeat for each whole in your binder.

Take your stamp set, stamp onto cardstock, to give you a quick reference, and place this and the stamps into the pocket.


Keep going until all your stamps are neatly stored away, and put on a shelf.

I have got some A4 ones ready for larger sets and I am also thinking of storing my dies and embossing folders in a similar way.

The eagle eyed amongst you may spy white, shelving. Thankyou Argos!! That is a story for another day, but I have some lovely friends who calmed my shattered nerves! LOL! Till next time and then you might see my finished work space!


Tracy xxx





Cards by Alison said…
Hey Tracy glad you are starting to feel better after your fall. This is similar to what I have at home an A4 Lever arch file with the stamps -stamped onto white card with I then put through the Laminator and my stamps cling to this in my lever arch file but have to admit your's looks better so might have to give it a go.

Hope to see you back in the shop again soon. Love Alison xxx