My workspace first show at WOYWW 192!

Whoop whoop I am so excited three reasons , Firstly I love my man and friends so much.
Seeing me getting stressed out and annoyed and not doing anything the last two weeks, they cracked onto get my workspace done for me.
Secondly So as my area is created this week sees me initiating into the world of WOYWW!
And thirdly! Welcome to all my new followers from Crafters Companion, thankyou for such lovely comments on the hop, so appreciated. I will be back visiting your blogs over the next couple of days, I'm sure.
Right onto WOYWW 192
I have still got loads and loads of boxes to unpack that are in the shop, but we have made a start! I even gave it a little test drive yesterday. I have promised only essentials will make it onto those shelves.
Now whilst they were building cupboards all white, I got miffed my desk (brown) would look shabby, so I pimped it. LOL!! It's definitely a one off! I used the left over wallpaper from the feature wall as this area is in the guest bedroom, and used some white lace, this took me a while as I could only do so much before needing a rest. It has to stay relatively tidy (acctmm!) may be a challenge. I am waiting on 3 white towel rails to come so I can have my punches up. I love it as everything is at arms length - lazy moo syndrome.
The room still has boxes and scraps everywhere but is getting there, I am allowed to sit this morning and play, but have to stop when I get tired (hubbies instructions, and I do listen to him, shh! Don't tell him I said that).
On my desk I have TOP SECRET stamps soon to be out from Crafters Companion, that I am colouring! No sneaky peaks yet!

I am off for a look around blog land before a bath


Redanne said…
Hi Tracy, welcome to WOYWW! You will enjoy it I am sure, but it is very addictive, so be warned. Love your craft space, everything is very tidy and neat and love the way you decorated your desk too. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #35
Karen said…
Welcome to WOYWW! What a gorgeous craft room you have, it's a room that dreams are made of! I craft on trays on my bed, so you can tell my eyes are going green! Happy WOYWW! Karen 91 x
Heather Alger said…
Beautiful work space, bet you are so pleased with it.
Happy WOYWW too - I did my first one today also :) Heather
julie_woolston said…
Oh wow Tracy love your work space and your desk is beautiful, love it.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

Hugs Julie xx
Helen said…
Great crafty space! Have fun playing. Helen, 14
Shazsilverwolf said…
What a great workspace, and welcome to WOYWW too! Lovely to keep 'meeting' new faces. Have a great week, Hugs,xx Shaz #74
Ria Gall said…
what a lovely craft space and your desk looks so pretty. Welcome to WOYWW you are now part of a great family
Happy WOYWW #192
Ria #75
Gibby Frogett said…
Happy WOYWW and welcome - this is only my 4th week but addicted already. Love your workspace...happy crafting Gill #50
Claire said…
welcome to WOYWW!! and what a gorgeous space - you lucky girl!!!
looking forward to peeking around it in future weeks :)
happy WOYWW and have a great week!
no. 5
Hi Tracy - wishing you lots of fun and happy times in your creative space and I look forward to catching up with you on WOYWW again soon. MM x #144
Cards by Alison said…
Brilliant workspace Tracy Can't wait to see your big secret stamps that you are colouring. Love and best wishes Alison xx
Jill said…
Hiya Tracy. Love your space! Happy WOW day and see you soon. Jill x
Tamika said…
Welcome to WOYWW! I like your space its my kind of work area everything within reach!!! Tamika #126
Julia Dunnit said…
Welcome to WOYWW and your new crafty space! Like the pimped desk very much..and the resoultion that only essentials will make it onto the shelves. Mmmm, heard that before..sounds like an echo...!1
Ali H said…
Welcome to WOYWW ! Looks like a fab crafting space shaping up there !Looking forward to seeing your projects when you get settled in ! Ali #43
KYCrafter said…
Great workspace!!
Nan G said…
Welcome welcome to wild and crazy WOYWW-ville! I've only been a WOYWW for maybe six months and am totally hooked, you will be too. You're going to have a beautiful craft place! Happy WOYWW! Nan 28
Carol Yates said…
Hi Tracy, welcome to WOYWW, you do realise you have been ensnared, it is addictive!
Carol.x #59
April Story said…
What a lovely room. Congrats on your new crafting area. April #133